We are a family owned and operated metal art fabrication business. We are geared towards your design cut into metal.

Thank you for taking the time to see what we are all about here at Metal your Design. It all started when I owned a large tree care business. I always did all my own steel fabrication work on our equipment with one of my best friends, Curtis. We both truly enjoy metal fabrication and working together, so one fine sunny florida day, we decided to buy a plasma table . That was a journey in itself, much less learning how to use one. Once we mastered the table, we then realized that we needed to become computer geniuses to use the software to run it. That was a huge learning curve for us. Time, lots of mistakes and money on steel, motivated us to get it down to a science. In the beginning, we would hand spray paint our pieces. Well, lets just say here in Florida with the humidity, its pretty much impossible to get paint dry! Either finger prints or rain were always messing up the paint. Soooo we knew we needed to learn a new trade on top of everything we already dove into....that was powder coating. Powder coating our art has really set the stage. Its durable and last for years.It also allowed us to ship the product 15 mins out of the oven! It was the big break through we needed. Game changer you might say. Not only did it make everything about our process easier, the product came out 100 times nicer than spray paint. I was sold. From there, we built a shop and purchased a much bigger plasma table. Our goal has always been to play with steel and provide a superior looking piece of metal art. For some reason steel and welding have drawn us to metal art... I'll take it.. we love it! And We hope you do too!