Our Apex Timesaver Sander has Arrived! So Excited!

Today is a huge day for Metal Your Design! Getting this sanding machine is going to save us hours of grinding and make our art come out super smooth. It makes the quality of metal art shine removing all the imperfections, mill scale and dross from the plasma cutting process. 

We had to use a crane to put it in place as it weighs thousands of pounds!

Normally after cutting out the metal we have to use hand grinders for hours to get the piece smooth from dross and imperfections that take away from the piece. Now we run it through this machine on a conveyor belt system with a large sanding belt inside. 

We are very blessed to finally be able to get this piece of equipment and cant wait to relay the work it does into our metal art! 

December 19, 2020 — Steven Goodell