Cutting Out Metal Art On A Plasma Table

Want to know a little bit of how we make metal art here at

It starts with ordering large sheets of metal. We use 16 gauge metal for our indoor art and 11 gauge metal for our outdoor art. Once we have the metal, we put it up on the plasma table. This table is hooked to a computer and uses a plasma light like a laser to cut the metal. Before we can cut the metal we first have to create the artwork from either a picture or free hand in a computer program like inkscape. 

Once the artwork file is created, usually in a .dxf format we then upload it to the computer running the plasma table. We input all the cut settings and hit play. Sounds easy? Well.. not always. The plasma table uses consumables in the torch that makes the cutting happen. Inspection and replacement of these parts is constant so making sure your plasma machine that runs the plasma table is critical. 

The artwork is then cut out of the metal. From this point, the fun has just begun. 

After the metal is cut out we have to grind the slag that is left behind on the artwork. Slag is hot melted metal usually on the back of the artwork. Once the piece is ground and smooth we then clean it and prep it for primer followed by paint. Cut and grind one day, primer the next, then paint and finally shipped to you. It's a non stop movement of artwork. We LOVE it! 

What I love about doing this most is everyday I get to see new artwork come through the shop from what we normally cut to custom work that folks think of. 
Just knowing that our artwork will be hanging at yours or a gift for your love ones makes us want to make a better product everyday.